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Dulcie James
NLP Master Practitioner
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

I am a life coach specialising in Loss and Anxiety and have helped many clients over the past 6 years helping them to achieve their goals and arrive at a positive outcome in their lives enabling them to live life how they want it to be. Working through their values and beliefs, helps them to regain their identity and a new sense of purpose in life. All kinds of loss conflicts with our values and is often the main cause for anxiety.

As a previous sufferer of loss and anxiety, I understand and work intuitively with my clients. I take my clients on a journey of discovery as we work collaboratively to take them where they want to go - hence I am a “life coach”.

I am married , with 3 grown up children, 4 grandchildren and have had a varied career. I have a wide skill set and experienced many of life's ups and downs.

“Dulcie’s gentle and insightful coaching
has a way of getting to the heart of the problem”

Lin Shepherd

After a career spanning over 30 years with Age UK Gloucestershire, I am now happily retired.  During my working life I innovated and managed a wide range of projects and activities aimed at enhancing the retirement experience for all older people.   I was also involved on a one-to-one basis with many older people who had suffered loss of one kind or another.  This gave me an insight and an understanding of the effects of loss and grief.   Another main interest remains in the area of equality and diversity and the importance and rightness of inclusivity.

I have remained as a volunteer with Age UK Gloucestershire as well as being involved in a range of other volunteering activities. I have also suffered bereavement and losses of other kinds and so I have the capacity to understand and empathise with others, and to share my journey of recovery and acceptance.

Now widowed, my main interests are creative writing, and socialising with friends.  I am a literature fan and enjoy art exhibitions, theatre, concerts and cinema.  

I have the capacity to understand and empathise with others